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PRSC Coaching Staff

Anne-Marie Behnke (STARSkate)

- NCCP Primary Starskate Certified, ISPC (Level 2) Trained, Can Power Certified
- 14 Years Professional Figure Skating coaching experience with Skate Canada and 6 years of Program Assisting experience
- Coached skaters achieving Gold Level Tests in Skating Skills, Dance, Interpretive & Senior Silver Freeskate
- Started skating at the age of 5, trained in Peace River, Calgary, Edmonton and the USA and have not stepped off the ice since!
- Cell 780-618-5234 / youngam@telus.net

Jody Broome (Pre-Canskate, Canskate, Stepping, STARSkate Jr, Intermediate

- NCCP Level 1 Certified, Can Power Certified
- 18 Years professional coaching experience with Skate Canada
- Coached skaters in Pre-Canskate, Can Power, Canskate and STARSkate
- Skated with the Peace River Skating Club

Acacia Aspeslet (STARSkate, Synchro PA)

- NCCP Primary STARSkate Trained, Intermediate STARSkate / Provincial Coach In-Training
- 2 Year professionals coaching experience with Skate Canada
- 2 Years as STARSkate Program Assistant with Peace River Skating Club
- Skated with PRSC for 12 years, achieving the Triple Gold Award from Skate Canada AB / NWT - Nun: Gold Dance, Gold Skating Skills, Gold Interpretive and Junior Silver Freeskate levels
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